Facts and Questions

How much does it cost to deliver in Newnan?

How much does it cost to deliver to Peachtree City?

Will the delivery fee change if I order more than one item?
The delivery fee is based on one trip. If a customer orders multiple items and the trip is planned to have all items delivered at the same time then there is no additional charge. If items are delivered on different dates then multiple delivery fees will be incurred.

How long do special order items take to arrive from the date of order?
This depends on a number of factors. Is it coming from overseas? Is the fabric in stock? Is the item being ordered around a biannual furniture market or holiday? Generally it takes between 6 to 8 weeks for special order items to arrive.

What are Juliana's Furniture Galleries delivery hours?
Delivery hours are usually set in the late afternoon and evening but our staff is flexible and works with the customer's schedule.
Can the fabric or leather be changed on upholstered goods?
Yes and no. This depends on the manufacture and the model that is being asked about. On most American made upholstery items that Juliana's Galleries carries- the answer is yes. On most imported goods the answer not always yes.
There are over 5,000 fabrics and leathers to choose from. 

Why are Juliana's Furniture Galleries prices more expensive than many other stores? Isn't a sofa just a sofa? Isn't a chair just a chair?
Here at Juliana's Galleries, it has always been a belief that quality, comfort and design are paramount. A lot goes into making quality furniture. Materials and labor will affect the furniture's comfort and longevity.

Are all leathers created equal?
No, a cow hide has many layers of leather. The top grain or full grain is the best part of the hide. This part of the hide is the most durable and extends the life of upholstery by years. The pours are located in this layer of the hide and therefore it breathes. The benefit to having this layer of leather is that it will acclimatize to the body's temperature when sitting in your favorite chair or sofa.